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There's also an option to purge the logs, in case you want to start fresh. Content Filtering In testing, I couldn't find any inappropriate websites that got past the content filter, and of course it works for any browser, or any program attempting Internet access. A simple site-blocked message reports precisely which categories triggered the block.

If your kids think the site shouldn't have been blocked, they can click a link to send the administrator you a message requesting access.

In testing, I found that those two could, for example, allow access to most of a short-story website while specifically blocking erotic stories. OpenDNS blocks all of a domain, or none. That's important, because a savvy teen who managed to connect with a secure HTTPS anonymizing proxy could completely evade parental control and monitoring.

Assuming you're using the paid edition, you can configure OpenDNS to display a custom image and message on the page announcing that a site was blocked.

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The preview function didn't work perfectly in testing my OpenDNS contacts confirm they need to fix that , but my new image and rich-text message did appear. Paid users of SafeDNS can do something similar, with a bigger custom image but no rich-text option. A third category, called Suspicious Responses, is off by default, and probably should stay off for any users who aren't network experts.

It protects against Conficker , a threat that was big news in , and against one other exploit. SafeDNS didn't do much better, blocking just five out of OpenDNS operates phishtank. I thought this connection might give OpenDNS an advantage in my standard antiphishing test, but apparently it didn't. OpenDNS's detection rate came in 76 percentage points behind Norton's, and 53 points behind Chrome's.

But real protection against phishing comes from products like Norton, which use real-time analysis to identify fraudulent pages before they've been blacklisted. See How We Test Antiphishing. WebWatcher, PC Pandora, and Spector Pro go even farther, recording everything that the child does, right down to logging keystrokes.

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  • OpenDNS is quite different from these. From your online dashboard, you can check stats for your account. An overview screen lets you see an activity graph based on the number of DNS requests , as well as a graph of unique domains visited, the top domains, and a few other items not of interest to most consumers. As with SafeDNS, the activity graph can reveal unusual online activity, like a spike in requests during a time you thought the kids were asleep. However, there's no way to break down the activity by user, or even by device. You can drill down for a list of all domains logged by OpenDNS for a single day or range of days, sorted from most requests down to least.

    As with SafeDNS, many of these are not actually websites. Unlike SafeDNS, you can click on one that is an actual website and choose to block it, or block similar sites. In a similar fashion, from the list or blocked domains you can choose to make an exception for the domain or unblock the entire category.

    Those who want the gritty details can fine-tune what's displayed, limiting the display to domains that were blacklisted, blocked by category, blocked as malicious, or blocked as phishing. It won't monitor the children's social media activity the way MinorMonitor and uKnowKids do. The detailed activity tracking performed by products like PC Pandora, WebWatcher, and others isn't possible. And it doesn't offer real-time notification of online misbehavior the way McAfee, Net Nanny, and others do.

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    It can't log what user or device made those requests, but it can control access for every device on your network, something few products can do. The company has committed to never recording your IP address to disk. The DNS service may be simple in terms of security and protection, but their superb privacy policies have made them a very popular choice among Internet users.

    CloudFlare even hires and an independent security firm to audit their practices. The DNS is simple to set up. The Comodo brand name may sound familiar to you. The company is most known for its line of computer security products. Their public DNS service is focused on providing users with security. It automatically blocks any malware and phishing attempts. The DNS also goes above and beyond by automatically rerouting your connection if you attempt to visit a parked domain. The global network of DNS servers is relatively reliable.

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    However, performance may be an issue for some. Their policy states that they collect logging data when you make a request, though this information is rather difficult to find. Verisign aims to be a fast and security-focused DNS service. For all intents and purposes, the company delivers on those fronts.

    They tout a percent uptime. The network is also designed with security in mind. Privacy is another big focus for this service provider. They do keep some information about your IP address when you make a query. However, the company has a strict policy about not selling data to third-parties for personalized ads or any other purposes.

    Quad9 does a very good job at keeping you secure as you browse. They work with multiple security agencies to identify threats and prevent you from being exposed to them. It prevents you from establishing a connection with suspicious domains that are known to have a threat of phishing or malware. By blocking your access, it keeps you and your identity safe.

    Speaking of identity, this DNS service provider is quite open about what information they log. This information is easy to find on their website. Fast, free, and uncensored. The goals of Watch. DNS are proudly displayed right on their website. Their servers do not log any queries whatsoever. DNS is a relatively small provider compared to other options.

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    The provider is committed to neutrality as well. You can visit any site without having to answer to your ISP. As a result, OpenNIC is completely neutral. Every query is treated the same. Once you have set up your computer to connect to the DNS, it will route your requests away from your ISP to one of four different servers that are closest to you.

    The information that is logged is entirely up to you.

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    • You can choose to remain anonymous and have the servers forget requests immediately, or you can choose to save some information for solid performance. Rhodes remains optimistic however.

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      Our user count has more than doubled in the past year and as awareness spreads about the value of safer, more reliable DNS service, we fully expect that growth to move toward 2 percent of the world's Internet users," she claimed. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Related: Networking Network Storage Hardware.