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For the first time ever, I was pondering the ideas of raw milk, grassfed meat, and organic produce. Plus, they are expensive to start with, and many of the coupons only reduce the price slightly.

Carol’s Quick Guide to Extreme Couponing

Photo Source. I only shop once per month to save on gas. I guess I would rather spend my time growing veggies and making cheese, rather than clipping coupons. But, of course, each family is different.

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Do YOU coupon? If you eat real foods, have you found ways to make healthy eating and couponing fit together? This short, practical eBook will help you master the ins-and-outs of adding essential oils to your homesteading routine no matter what sort of homestead you may have and includes DIY fly spray formulas, garden pest control sprays, DIY cleaners, and tons more! I also thought couponing would be a great way to bring our grocery bill down but found the same problems as you.

I wholeheartedly agree and I am glad that you have put it in such great words. I used to teach coupon classes and I still occasionally teach those who ask for classes but it just does not work for our lifestyle. I will be sharing this post with many who ask me why I stopped couponing.

Thanks so much! Thumbs up! I feel the same way although I still feel a little envious once in a while ;-. Tweeting this. Yup, me too. I could not agree more! However, that stuff they buy to eat is not on my diet. This is a great post! Although, I have to admit, free toilet paper sounds interesting. Have a great day. While we are about 15 miles from the grocery store, we still don;t use it. We are not to place where we produce all our food YET, but we are trying to get there.

In the mean time we buy organic produce in bulk, once a month, we eat our of pantry and freezer for whole foods which we have bought in bulk from co-ops, we eat org grass fed meat from local farmers, and are starting to raise and butcher our own , we eat our own eggs and get most of our dairy from our nieghbors family cow and hope to add that soon to our homestead. We DO travel about 75 miles for odds and ends at Costco or Trader Joes every other month or so …and still use some premade cheeses, premade org ww pasta becasue I have a cheap source and stuff like that- from them.

But that has lessened greatly in the last year. We do love our Ghiradelli Choc chips! Oh, and chocolate chips are on my to-try list, too! I was going through your blog today, and caught this, I just wanted to encourage you to check out Laura at Heavenly Homemakers, she makes chocolate chips from scratch. She makes all kinds of things from scratch.

Keep up the good work. Hope this helps you. Hi Jill! A post after my own heart! I do that too.. Me neither!! I know some people who are and they seem to have more health problems than my family does. If only I could convince them of this, though. Debbie, have you ever heard about making your own face cleanser using castor oil and olive or sunflower oil? We both really like it.

5 Tips for (Healthy) Extreme Couponing

I used to coupon when I was newlywed and I used to do very well. Of course, being young and busy, we ate a lot of processed food then. I have friends who brag that they have saved large dollar amounts on their grocery bill, but I am certain they still spend more on groceries than I do. We use that occasional coupon too but for the most part I shop through Azure Standards.

Best thing that ever happened to our grocery budget and all I have to do is pick up boxes from the big rig once a month. I think it is amazing to see so many people realizing that coupons are for junk food! I used to do coupons as well but when I started going organic and purchasing everything from local farms coupons were of no use to us. My grocery bill has dropped drastically since I began making everything at home. I make nearly everything from scratch!

Great post! I also grow my own food, well with lots of hubby help! We are as of this week even milking. So now I will have fresh butter and cheese. This beats coupons, hands down! Great post and I completely agree. It not only means we often get discounts on things like produce and organic dry goods, we also once a quarter or so get coupons from the store.

We shop at a hometown store owned by Kroger. I absolutely love that your local store tailors the coupons to your needs.

Save Time and Money Cooking from Scratch

If mine did something like that, I would totally sign up for it! And I also frequently use online coupons for things like clothing, books, etc. Nothing wrong with that! I cook with real food and I have never found coupons that work for me. I make my own soap, clean with vinegar, make my own skin care products and so on. I am part of a local food group and as a group we get good discount if we buy together.

Skipping the processed food saves money too since my kids last longer on real food. I need to buy myself some breathing space from time to time.

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I am teaching myself to make as much as possible. Sometimes we just can make everything from scratch, and that is OK! I find if I just clip the coupons that come with our Sunday paper for toiletries and cleaning supplies it is worth my while. Yes, producing our own food definitely leaves more room in the budget to purchase higher quality items at the stores! Yes, I can totally see using coupons for those items. I wish I could find egg coupons around here!

Easy, Delicious and Inexpensive Recipes and Cost Cutting Tips from a Professional Chef

They tell me if I can eat that cheap now, that coupons would be shockingly low! I think we would just eat more refined flour, refined salt, refined sugars.

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You are a voice of reason, thanks! However, I do search on-line for coupons for organic products but they are really hard to come by. I also refuse to drive to 3 different stores to buy sale items. My time is far too precious. I completely agree with you about the healthy aspect.

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  • Definitely goes against simplicity and minimalism. I also write to companies of products I absolutely LOVE and usually get coupons sometimes very high value ones in return. Overall I just enjoy going to the store with a list, getting exactly what I need, using some coupons if I can, but keeping it simple. Occasionally I do, becuase there are some decent ones for Whole Foods on their website. Not going to lie though, that crazy coupon clipping show on tv sort of blows my mind. The nearest one is almost miles away…. No value monetarily.

    No value nutritionally. No wonder you can get it for free! Great blog! Thank you so much for posting this! Hello, I have had the same conversations with many of my friends. Every now and then. I did try Coupon Sense and liked the internet ad updates but found the coupons disappointing.

    A waste of time and money.