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Our team will get in touch with you for further verification. Chicky Meals. PKR Chicky Meal 1. Chicky Meal 2. Chicky Meal 3. Chicky Meal 4. Hot Menu. WOW Meal Zinger. Zinger Combo. Mighty Zinger Combo. Zinger Strips Meal. Hot Wings. Bucket of Fries.

Fries with Hot shots. Hot Shots. Toasted Twister Meal. Rice n Spice. They should have probably used some kind of coated fries like Burger King. I'm not sure why KFC can't get this right. I'm confused as to why restaurants think you want to salt your own chips too: you've already given up on the diet when you order a takeaway so they could at least give you the benefit of perfectly salting the bloody things while they're still hot and the salt will stick.

I don't understand why KFC can't make good chips for once. Instead of continuing their stupid policy of not putting salt on chips, they should just have it. The old chips were not that great, but the fact that they managed to launch a new one that is even worse is shocking. Those chips are rank. The previous french fries offerings were already inferior to the McDonalds offering with the portions being too small as well and now we've literally gone from the frying pan to the fire with these burned offerings. They've been saying that for decades, along with a thousand other things that cause cancer.

KFC Prices

If we stopped everything some paid for report stated we'd never leave the house and be living off finger nail clippings. It will be when it goes on sale I would imagine. My main point was that there is no deal in this post what so ever, its just an information post with an over inflated price tag.

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Geez, its not including in the deal because the deal is custom to that app, but if ordered a deal thats not app related like the deal that was active that your commenting on, you can use it i got my wings for 99p Don't complain about saving money on an app made to save money by people sharing. They're catching onto you lot now.

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What you all seem to want is to walk in order some food and then walk out. Without handing over any money. They used to but the tills jut won't let them proceed anymore. Can anyone tell me if this is right. I was in off yesterday and brought the 10 piece wicked variety of the app. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features.

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By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. More information Agree. Dealstalker Was thinking of going vegan, seems like it will have to wait until next year Why not the rest of the UK McCoop That's right, you should just wait long enough to see if all facts are eventually proven wrong. Now said its fine MrSmelly I'm sure prices are going up This will run for the entirety of Window 11 which runs roughly 4 weeks.

TechnoDonkey I think so, as like I said, the first ones I had were fantastic.

Pateo Mine were delicious,meaty not stringy or grisly, no complaints so far as only had 5 out of 20 as I've frozen the others! TechnoDonkey How were your wings? TechnoDonkey Beggars belief. TechnoDonkey Tried this yesterday and it filled me up pretty nicely. TechnoDonkey Chocolate oranges are available from Rawlinson's. Timbooo Thanks! Just had this for lunch. Filled a hole. Bogart Crusty bread?

Posted 9th Sep Posted 9th Sep. Fillet burger, fries and drink for 3. HeadphoneGeeza 34 Get deal Get deal. Memories eh Misslovely Lol. Iv seen offers behind vue cinema tickets. On back they seem to do local food deals.

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Deal Alerts! Want the hottest deals in your inbox? Subscribe to receive an overview of the hottest deals posted each day. Posted 12th Aug Posted 12th Aug. Had this today and no complaints!


Brave enough to grab one by yourself? Arguably — one of of the best deals of all time. Starts: September 25, Get in quick because the deal is only on for a very limited time. Only available before 4pm. No buns. No bread. This is a real burger. Two zinger fillets surrounding cheese, bacon, and some supercharged sauce. Get it in your mouth. Prices may vary from store to store. What a steal. What a bargain. Get it quick because it may be a mistake. Last time it was on — we broke their app.

This deal. What a deal. You wanted value? You got. Only available until 4pm each day. Insane deal. What an absolute steal. Head in store to your local Red Rooster before 4pm and grab yourself an awesome promotion.